Mike Barzman Auctions

From collectibles, vintage instruments, jewelry, antiquities, ephemera, vintage clothing, retro toys, classic cars and more. Since 2015, Michael has been a bonded auctioneer & appraiser of rare memorabilia and collectibles.

Michael Barzman

Auction Schedule

Tues Sept 13th 9:30am
Ulock Storage
10 liened units for auction
761 S Normandie Ave
Los Angeles CA 90005


We specialize in storage auctions, abandoned property, buying gold & silver, collectibles, Hollywood memorabilia, classic cars, vintage instruments and more!

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310-422-6644 barz@me.com

Upcoming Auctions

Facility Location Details Date / Time
U-Lock Storage
761 Normandie Ave #2202, Los Angeles, CA 90005
10+ Liened Units for auction
Tues Sept 13th 930am